Market situation: According to measurements made in 2014, consumers perceived Burger King as a relatively expensive restaurant for having filling dinner but not for eating on the run. Under conditions of a full-blown economic crisis, such a situation puts at threat the company's development. The agency was given a task to improve the factors 'affordable prices' and 'offers a budget-friendly menu' as well as to increase the spontaneous knowledge of the trademark.

Solution: We refused to shoot staged commercials and started shooting real people at food courts and Burger King restaurants, putting them in situations when a decision in favour of Burger King becomes obvious for them as well as for the audience. We chose provocative communication stylistics to be more noticeable on air under more modest conditions as compared to competitive media budgets, and cut the average commercial time.

Results: For the period of our cooperation, the spontaneous knowledge of the trademark among those who never visited Burger King restaurants has increased by 28%, the desire to visit them — by 29%, the factor 'affordable prices' — by 32%. The market share has increased by 15%.
'In our business, advertising campaign efficiency is evident almost immediately. After the start of each campaign, we observe an instant traffic growth in the restaurants. And when in the second week we run out of ingredients, we can consider that we have worked out well.'

Ivan Shestov
Marketing Director
Burger King

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