Market situation: In 2009, Tele2 in Latvia had the lowest popularity with their own subscribers and the lowest level of recommendation. The subscribers were ready to go to another operator as soon as they afford it. At the same time, a new player came into the market, threatening the price leadership of the operator.

Target: To relaunch Tele2 brand, make people be proud of having this operator and increase sales.

Solution: We created a concept 'Superheroes', in which by a superforce sold in Tele2 we metaphorized the word power you can take a full advantage of if mobile communication costs nothing. Campaign slogan: 'To be a hero costs nothing'. The meteorite fall had a great positive impact on the campaign's results. More precisely, its imitation on launch of a Tele2 tariff plan with the same name.

Results: Sales for the first two months of the campaign exceeded those in the previous year by 70 times. The 'meteorite fall' was shown in the news in 76 countries, including by BBC, CNN and Pervy Kanal (Channel One, Russia), which drew a great deal of attention to the brand. The 'Meteorite' plan announced on launch of the campaign had 96% of spontaneous knowledge, and 51% of potential users considered its purchase.
'We, of course, expected the bombshell effect from the meteorite fall campaign, but it cannot be compared with an actual 70-fold increase in sales that we finally got.'

Janis Sprogis
Marketing Director
Tele2 Latvia

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